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Self Employed Life Insurance

Ins and Outs of Life Insurance for the Self-Employed

A growing number of people are deciding to leave their day jobs and start their own businesses. Whether you work from home or you have started business outside of the home, being self-employed can be very satisfying and liberating. At the same time, when you are self-employed, you need to be certain you are giving yourself the type of benefits you would normally receive from an employer.

Although you have probably put a great deal of thought into purchasing health insurance and saving for your retirement, you may not have considered obtaining life insurance for the self-employed. Yet it is important to both your family and to your business that you get life insurance put into place.

If you have a family, obtaining life insurance for the self-employed is important to keep your family protected. After all, what your family do if you were to pass away and they were to lose your income? Although it will be more expensive to obtain a life insurance policy on your own than what you would pay for coverage through an employer, you can still obtain an insurance policy at a reasonable price if you take the time to shop around and compare policies.

In addition to obtaining life insurance to keep your family protected, you may also want to purchase a policy to keep your business protected. If you were to pass away, your business may be left in shambles. By purchasing life insurance for the self-employed on behalf of your business, you can help your business continue to run smoothly in the event of your death. You can name whoever you like as the beneficiary when you obtain life insurance on behalf of your business, but the idea is to provide money to the person that will continue to run your business after your death.